Marty WiFi Set Up

Marty is controlled and programmed over WiFi, so when you first use Marty in a new place you'll need to connect it to the WiFi network there.

More information on Marty's WiFi specification and the kind of networks that are supported can be found here

The Marty Setup WiFi network

When turned on, Marty will try to connect to the last WiFi network it was connected to. If it can't connect to that, or it's the first time Marty has been turned on, Marty will broadcast a Marty Setup WiFi network. If Marty successfully connects to an existing WiFi network, it will not create the Marty Setup network

You can connect to the Marty Setup network to provide login details to the WiFi network you would like Marty to use. More information is in the next section

Is Marty connected?

If the blue light highlighted here is blinking slowly like this, Marty is not connected and will be producing a Marty Setup network

Connecting Marty to a WiFi network

There are two ways to connect Marty to an existing WiFi network, one is to use the Marty the Robot app for Android and iOS, and the other is to use the web-based versions.

Marty the Robot app

Click here to get more information on the Marty the Robot app. The app will walk you through the process of setting up your Marty.

Web Based Set Up

Alternatively you can use the browser on your computer, laptop or tablet to set up Marty.

  1. Connect your computer to the Marty Setup network

    Make sure Marty is turned on (the white light is on inside his head) and then go into your devices WiFi settings. You should see a network called Marty Setup with some numbers after it. Connect to that network

    If there's no Marty Setup network

    1. Make sure Marty is charged up and turned on
    2. If there's still no Marty Setup network, it usually means Marty is already connected to your WiFi network. That means you don't need to do this step again, and can get on with Programming Marty!. If you assembled your own Marty and you've never done it, you will also need to calibrate your Marty
    3. Check the blue light pictured above, if it's flashing there should be a Marty Setup wifi. Double check with a different computer or phone

  2. Go to (Opens in a new window)

    Then follow the instructions. You'll see a list of WiFi networks, click on the one you want to connect Marty to and type in the password for that network in the box below

    You can also give your Marty a name of its own!

    Once you've put in the details, click on the "Save" button, you'll see a different screen

  3. Wait for Marty to connect to your WiFi network

    Wait for a bit for Marty to try to connect. Keep an eye on the WiFi indicator shown in the video above. If it keeps on flashing slowly, try clicking the Refresh button in your browser on the in the other window with the set up screen

    Light still flashing? Try clicking the Refresh button in this window

  4. Ok! What next?

    Once Marty is connected to your WiFi network, you can connect to it to program and remote control Marty

    If you built your own Marty, the first time you use it you will need to calibrate the motors. Click here to go to the calibration tool which will walk you through the process

    Click here to go the Marty remote control

    And click here to go back to the main page where there are links on how to program Marty. A good place to start is Scratch, and Here are some resources and examples of things you can do with Scratch

  5. Troubleshooting

    If Marty is connected to your WiFi network, but the Marty scanner in the calibration, remote control, or Scratch tools aren't finding it, you may need to enter Marty's IP address directly.

Marty's MAC address

For some networks you may need to know Marty's MAC address before you can get it up and running on your network. When connected to the Marty Setup network, go to to see this

Disconnecting Marty from WiFi

If you want to change which WiFi network Marty is on, or take it somewhere new, you'll want to disconnect from the WiFi.

Using the Marty the Robot app
In the app, select "Scan for Marty", select the Marty you want, and then click the "Reset WiFi" button, and confirm that you want to disconnect.

Via the web
Go to and scan for Martys. Once scanning has finished, click the WiFi reset button next to the relevant Marty.