V-REP Simulation

This page refers to the following specific versions or dependencies:
Indigo or Jade or Kinetic
v3.4.0 or later

Martys can be simulated using Coppelia Robotics’ popular V-REP simulator. The simulator exposes a standard V-REP API for controlling the simulated robots, but you can also integrate it with ROS to use the same control software as you would an advanced real-Marty setup, and be able to quickly toggle between the two.

V-REP API framework
Take a look at the official API doc from Coppelia

V-REP Regular API
Official regular API docs from Coppelia

V-REP Remote API
Official remote API docs from Coppelia

RosInterface docs
An explanation of the RosInterface plugin

Simulation ROS topics
List of ROS topics used in simulation